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I call brainwash.

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Just look at these! The first one looks so, sooooo much like the Winter Soldier in the movie and his eyes are dead. It doesn’t look like someone who believes in HYDRA. In the second one, I don’t think he actually wants to do whatever it is he’s going to be doing for HYDRA. Garrett’s evil grin looks like he’s happy and relieved that whatever HYDRA did to Ward actually succeeded.

In the final scene where we focus on Ward’s face, Garrett’s voice sounds like an echo. Ward’s not even thinking “Hail HYDRA”; it just feels like he’s not thinking at all. Something Agent Hand said was inadvertently the activation code for Ward’s conditioning and basically erased his personality.

This is the Winter Soldier brainwashing taken to another level. There was never any need to wipe out Ward’s memories like they had to with the Winter Soldier, because he is/was a SHIELD agent. The point of a HYDRA SHIELD agent is to build relationships and knock ‘em down when they least expect it. All HYDRA needs is for someone to say the wrong word and his killer instincts will just kick in.

That said, it is a huge coincidence that Agent Hand just happened to find the right words to accidentally trigger Ward’s conditioning, so there’s always the chance that Ward’s a HYDRA agent with second thoughts about what he’s doing.

EDIT: mizufallsfromkumo mentioned it could be Coulson that accidentally spoke the trigger words.

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I miss you. I’m not gonna crack.


My cousin owns restaurants, and I used to work in his restaurants with his chef. I’ve always liked food, and I’ve always been interested in cooking and stuff like that. Before I was an actor, I needed a way to sort of support myself, so I went and learned how to cook in his restaurants. I became a chef for a little while, and then as soon as I got the offer for Skins, I was out of there. 

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